KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal Set Golden Elegance

Complete Set for Gilding with Leaf Metal.

Golden shine turns favourite pieces into something unique. With the KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal Set Golden Elegance, this is easily achieved. The complete set contains everything you need for gilding decorative objects. From leaf metal in gold, through the special glue for the application of the metal, to the suitable brushes, everything is included. This way, creatives can start refining straight away and don’t need to worry about the right tools. After drying, the enclosed coating lacquer ensures that the finished unique item remains beautiful for a long time. Gilding in such an uncomplicated way is much fun and it fascinates with cool results.


  • For refining DIY objects indoors such as picture frames, wooden parts and cards
  • Fine leaf metal for high-gloss, metallic effects
  • KREUL Primer and Coating Varnish water-based
  • For applying Leaf Primer and Coating Varnish: Use brush with dark hair
  • For applying Leaf Metal: Use brush with bright, fine hair
  • That’s how you do it: The surface to be designed must be clean and free of dust and grease. Apply the KREUL Primer with a dark brush and let it dry for 20 minutes until it becomes transparent. Place the metal leaf on top and press down carefully with a dry light brush. Carefully remove residues with a brush or cloth. After a drying time of at least 12 hours, polish carefully with a soft polishing cloth.
  • Allow gold-plated objects to dry for several days and overpaint with the KREUL Coating Varnish for leaf metal to protect against corrosion. Use the KREUL Zapon Varnish to protect the decoration outdoors and on surfaces such as concrete, plaster, terracotta and clay.


1 Primer for Leaf Metal 50 ml, 1 Coating Varnish for Leaf Metal 50 ml, 6 x Leaf Metal Gold 140 x 140 mm each, 1 Brush for Primer and Coating Varnish, 1 Brush for Leaf Metal


  • For absorbent and porous surfaces e.g. wood, paper, canvas, cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic, ceramics, porcelain, glass, concrete, terracotta, leather

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