KREUL Paper Acrylic

Strong paper for strong works of art

The Italian artist paper by KREUL was selected because it suited the color systems. From drawing paper for sketches through to paper for painting with watercolor, oil and acrylic paints, and using mixed media techniques, artists can choose the suitable painting medium depending on quality. The use of FSC™ certified cellulose pulp (FSC™ Mix) and production with hydropower make this product highly eco-friendly. Acrylic art does not always have to be on canvas. With the KREUL Paper Acrylic, you can create expressive works of art with acrylic paint, ink and markers on paper – without cracks or waves. The surface of the special paper is finely strucutred and has a high strength. The special grain gives it a canvas-like surface texture. Fantastic for trying out different techniques such as glazing, wet-in-wet or impasto on paper first. Perfect for students and beginners – practical for experts!


  • Suitable for painting with acrylic paints, ink and markers
  • Acid free and resistant to ageing
  • Made of 100% lignin-free and FSC ™ certified cellulose pulp (FSC™ Mix)
  • Natural white, finely structured surface
  • Glued on four sides
  • Pad with 10 sheets 260 g/m²


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