KREUL Chalk Marker sets counter sales display window decoration

Sustainability Right Down the Line

Designs with a chalky look: The KREUL Chalk Marker contains liquid chalk for writing on blackboard and glass surfaces. For lettering on the window pane or the shopping list on the blackboard. The chalk art is easy to remove with a damp cloth. The formula is made from 60% sustainable raw materials, and the plastic used for the marker is made from 70% recycled plastics. The Snow White marker can be refilled with a refill pen. It is wonderful to be able to decorate in such a flexible and contemporary way.


  • The filled up display will be dispatched.
  • H25.5 x W18.5 x D15.5 cm


9 KREUL Chalk Marker Sets


  • For painting and writing on board surfaces and backgrounds, windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, foil, metal, and acrylic glass

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