KREUL Primer Marker for Leaf Metal

For filigree details with a golden shine .

Elegant shimmer and timeless beauty: objects refined with the KREUL Leaf Metal are enchanting unique pieces. Anyone who likes to be creative with pens, will love the KREUL Primer Marker for Leaf Metal. The pen is filled with the special glue needed to apply the KREUL Leaf Metal. With the wedge-shaped tip of the KREUL Priming Marker, applying the adhesive is easy and accurate in every detail. Thus, filigree ornaments can be gilded, or bold lettering can be applied. Shake, pump, write and refine with the KREUL Gold Leaf – glamorous details give cards, signatures or objects indoors that certain something.


  • Special adhesive for sizing of KREUL Leaf Metal
  • Water-based
  • With chisel tip for filigree decorations and lettering
  • Stroke width approx. 2-5 mm
  • Shake, pump, write
  • Allow to dry for around 20 minutes, apply twice to highly absorbent surfaces. Close after use. Place the metal leaf on top and press down carefully with a soft, dry brush. Carefully remove residues with a brush or cloth. After drying (min. 12 hours) polish with a soft polishing cloth or cotton wool. Allow gold-plated objects to dry for several days and overpaint with the KREUL Coating Varnish for leaf metal to protect against corrosion. Use the KREUL Zapon varnish to protect the decoration outdoors and on surfaces such as concrete, plaster, terracotta and clay.


  • For decorations and lettering on wood, paper, canvas, cardboard, concrete, terracotta, plastic, ceramics, porcelain, glass, leather

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