KREUL Brushes for Foto Transfer Potch

The right tool for potching!

With the KREUL Foto Transfer Potch, creatives transfer their own snapshots, printed paper motifs and letterings from the laser printer onto various surfaces and they design deco, furniture and accessories individually. The unique deco objects look as if printed and conjure up a smile on everyone’s face who thinks they can’t paint. Whether it’s signposts for weddings, photo gifts for the dearest or trendy coasters depending on the season – the KREUL Foto Transfer Potch is the means to design surfaces professionally.


  • For spreading the Foto Transfer Potch, to press the picture on to smooth, curved surfaces (e.g. porcelain plate, candles) and for covering the design with Foto Transfer Potch varnishes
  • Synthetic hair paint brush, size 16
  • Paintbrush handle made of FSC®-certified wood (100% FSC®)


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