KREUL Deco Hardener 750 ml

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With the KREUL Deco Hardener, creative people bring their ideas into shape. They model uncoated paper, textiles, silk or leather with the shaping, air-drying water-based textile strengthener and thus create completely new things: flat fabrics turns into vessels, containers and shapes – it’s perfect for upcycling and new designs. Bottles, metal buckets, preserving jars are all part of the process when patterned paper or fabric is coated. So, a cloth becomes a fruit bowl, a cotton bag – a storage container, and a piece of clothing – a sculpture. Color lovers add a personal touch at the end: the newly created deco objects can be painted with the KREUL Fabric paints or KREUL Acrylic Paints after drying.


  • Shaping, air drying hardener
  • Water-based, not water-proof
  • For hardening of textiles, silk, leather and natural papers
  • The shape can be given by bottles, metal buckets and glasses
  • Formed decorative objects can be painted after drying with KREUL Javana Fabric Paints, acrylic paints, liquid bronze
  • Here’s how it works: Apply KREUL Deco Hardener to the fabric, working it with a brush into the fabric until everything turns milky. For a cotton bag (38 x 42 cm) you require about 150 ml. Put on disposable gloves. Pull the bag over a smooth, non-absorbent vessel (e.g. a glass) and model into the desired shape. The Deco Hardener is dry once it appears transparent on the fabric. This takes 2 to 3 days at room temperature: 10 min. in the preheated kitchen oven (110°C) or 10 - 40 minutes using a hair dryer, depending on the coating thickness. As soon as the outer surface is transparent, remove the vessel and continue drying the inside. Clean brush immediately with water. The object should be coated with a protective varnish (Spray gloss varnish, 810150 or acrylic gloss varnish, 79405) after it has fully dried and cooled to ensure it keeps its shape when getting in contact with water. Spray on several thin layers to achieve this.


  • Made for hardening of textiles, silk, leather and natural papers

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