MUCKI Play me paintbox Were mixing, painting, dabbing

What colour is the pig? Which colours should I mix to get pink? Children playfully learn to mix colours and assign them to different animals.

The MUCKI Play me paintbox is a shared colouring experience with your child. With colours in proven MUCKI quality and game ideas developed with educators. The colourful exercises help children from the age of 4 to develop their skills. Focus and creativity are encouraged, and fine motor skills are trained in an age-appropriate way. Each MUCKI Play me paintbox is a complete set on a special theme. Fantastic for painting, playing, and learning together.


  • Kids learn through play to mix colors and choose the matching colors for the respective animals. The pictures are painted with the fingers. We distinguish between “spreading” and “dappling”. Here especially the deliberate movement of the individual finger is trained.
  • Recommended by educators: Coloring the motifs with fingers trains fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. By direct contact of the fingers and hands with the creamy paint, it is not only painted but also felt.
  • MUCKI Finger paint, water-based
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, titanium dioxide-free, vegan
  • Can be washed out at temperatures above 30 °C
  • The paint is developed and produced in Germany
  • The cardboard box of the set is made of at least 95% recycled materials
  • Illustrated instructions show the procedure step-by-step
  • Microplastic-free


5 MUCKI Finger paints 50 ml each (White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black), 2 small jars for mixing colors and storage, 10 funny, stable motif cards and a QR-code for further motifs, 1 game instruction


  • For painting with hands and fingers on paper, cardboard, canvas

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